Friendship Partner Program

Coming to a new county, where everything is new and you are far from family and friends, can be very difficult. We would love to make your transition to Texas and Weatherford easier by matching you with a Friendship Partner who is a local individual or family that will meet regularly with you throughout the school year. Your Friendship Partner can answer questions about American life, share meals with you, include you in family holidays, and include you in religious life if you desire.

You have friends who want to meet you

“When I came to America, I had no friends and everything was new to me. But through International Students Inc., I was introduced to a Friendship Partner family. Now I have many American friends and enjoy being in America very much.”

– Ming, a student from China

The people waiting to meet you want to open their homes and lives to international visitors. Our volunteers are Christian men, women and families who have values that international students sincerely appreciate. If you’d like to apply to have a Friendship Partner, pick the button below.

Or, if you’d rather contact us directly to learn more, please reach out to us at:

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